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  • Manage Stickers

    When managing Stickers, you can rearrange your Sticker pack order, remove Sticker packs from your account, and restore remove...

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  • Get Stickers

    Keep your chats fresh by always having the latest stickers from Kik’s Sticker Shop!   To access the Sticker Shop follow these...

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  • Send a Sticker

    Want to add some color and personality to your chats? Stickers are here to help!   To send Stickers to your friends with the ...

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  • Get Smileys

    You can get themed smileys from the Smiley Shop or as gifts from your friends.   To open the Smiley Shop from a chat follow t...

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  • Send a Smiley

    You can send a Smiley from either your Smiley tab or from your Locker!   To send a Smiley from the Smiley tab: Open the Ki...

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  • Gift a Smiley

    Feeling generous? Gift your Smileys to your friends by opening your Locker to get started.   Here’s how to gift a Smiley from...

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