The dangers of using modified versions of the Kik app

Kik takes the safety of our users very seriously. However, please understand that if you choose to download any modified, third-party versions of the Kik app, we cannot ensure your safety as a user.

When you download a modified, third-party version of the Kik app (a.k.a. modded Kik) you are not only violating our Terms of Service but you may also be putting yourself, your privacy and your information at risk.

Potential risks to your device/privacy:

When installing modded Kik, you are providing the third-party app unrestricted access to the following (Android):

  • Anything you copy on your device. Even when the third-party app is not in use, anything copied onto your device can potentially be accessed. This also includes screenshots for many devices.
  • Network connections. Your IP address may be sent to the third-party app’s creator without requiring additional permissions.
  • Wifi connections. If you are on your local network, information on all devices connected to that network may be obtained.
  • Your personal information. When you log into your account from modded Kik, you run the risk of providing the third-party app creator with access to your account through your username and password.

Furthermore, by downloading and using modified, third-party versions of the Kik app, you become vulnerable to doxxing, trojans, spyware (such as keylogging, which may steal your login information from other apps) and more.

These third-party apps may also request or require access to the following (Android):

  • Storage. The content of your storage (media, documents, image location data and other files) can be read. 
  • Camera. Your phone’s camera may be accessed to take pictures and record videos at any time or even monitor you in real time.
  • Microphone. Your microphone may be accessed to record audio at any time.
  • Contacts. Information on all of your phone contacts may be accessed.
  • Location. Your precise location (GPS) may be accessed at any time. 

All information obtained on modded Kik may be sent to third parties, gathered to be sold or otherwise used maliciously by the creator of the app.

This may also directly affect your Kik account:

  • Your Kik account may be compromised. If you have logged into modded Kik, your username and password information may be obtained and your account may be stolen.
  • Your activity may be monitored. When using modded Kik, the third-party app’s creator may monitor any and all activity (even if you change your password or join new groups) including (but not limited to) one-on-one conversations and group chat conversations (this includes pictures or videos from other group members). As a result, when one group member is using modded Kik it becomes a risk to the entire group.
  • Backdoors. Actions may be taken by the creator on your behalf and without your knowledge. Some examples include but are not limited to the following:
    • Your account may unknowingly be used as part of a malicious bot network
    • Your account may be used for hijacking groups that you own/admin and pass ownership/admin to someone else
    • Malicious or even illegal content may be sent from your account and result in your account being terminated, or worse, result in the involvement of law enforcement
  • Your account could get flagged for suspicious activity. If you are flagged, you may only have restricted use of the Kik app.

What to do if you've downloaded or used modded Kik:

  • Uninstall any and all modified, third-party versions of the Kik app from your device immediately
  • Install Kik from an authorized app store (Kik is available on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store)
  • Log into your account and change your password immediately

In addition, we advise that you check your device for any unknown apps or malware that may have been installed.

With all of the risks associated with using a third-party, modified version of the Kik app, we encourage all of our users to stay safe and only use the Kik app downloaded directly from an authorized app store.

Stay safe, folks!



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