Beware of unofficial Kik bots

To ensure that you have a safe user experience on the Kik app, we advise against the use of any illegitimate or unofficial bots not directly approved by Kik. 

Illegitimate or unofficial bots are accounts operating through a user profile that are then added to Kik groups and have potential to harm users within a group.

Once a bot has Admin privileges it may:

  • Change the group name, photo and/or chat theme
  • Remove or ban all group members (effectively purging the group)
  • Unban previously banned individuals
  • Give Admin privileges to other users
  • Be used by others to harm your group

Once Admin privileges have been granted to the bot, only the Group Owner can revoke those privileges.

It is also important to note that granting Admin privileges to a bot also gives Admin privileges to the creator of the bot who then has access to and control over your group. This may pose a number of risks to user privacy and user information.

The risks include:

  • Data mining and gathering
  • Obtaining user information of all group members (including username, profile photos, background photos and display names)
  • Logging any and all activity including all chat history within the group
  • All photos and videos sent within the group may be copied and saved by the bot
  • The bot may spam all members of the group
  • In a private group, the bot may freely add all private group members to other groups (as private group members have open DMs with each other)
  • Termination of your group for violating our Terms of Service

The potential harm includes:

  • Reselling data collected within groups
  • Sharing or selling personal photos or videos shared within the group
  • The distribution of malicious or illegal content
  • Doxxing
  • Blackmail or extortion

Giving a third-party bot creator full access to your public or private group interactions may make you, as a Kik user, vulnerable to malicious attacks and pose a threat to not only your privately shared information but other users’ information, as well. And all of this may take place without your knowledge or consent.

Currently, Ragebot is the Kik app’s one and only official bot (for a list of official Ragebots, please go here)

We strongly discourage the use of unofficial bots on the Kik app for the risk they may pose to users within a group. If you encounter a bot claiming to be approved by or associated with the Kik app, please report it here.

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