Convert Diamonds to cash

When you receive Diamonds through gifts, your Diamonds can be converted into credit used to purchase more gifts or a Cash Reward in $USD (please note that all Cash Reward requests are subject to review and are typically paid in 3-5 days).


There are three options you may choose from when converting Diamonds into a Cash Reward:

  • 80,000 Diamonds for $200 USD
  • 200,000 Diamonds for $500 USD
  • 400,000 Diamonds for $1,000 USD


Follow these steps to claim a Cash Reward:

  1. Open the Kik app.
  2. Click the wrench icon on the main Live screen.
  3. At the top of this menu, select Diamonds.
  4. Select to convert your diamonds into credits by choosing Claim Credits Reward or receive a cash reward with your Diamonds by selecting Claim Cash Reward.


Please take note of the following:

  • This option may not appear if you have a current balance of less than 2,000 Diamonds.
  • If you have between 2,000 - 79,999 Diamonds and at least 60 minutes of stream time, you will see the options for conversion (including cashing out) but you will not be able to tap on the option. 

For other virtual currency related questions, please submit a ticket through our billing form or contact our Live Support team at

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