Can't get past CAPTCHA

In an effort to fight spam on the Kik app, we've added a Verification Check that may involve solving a CAPTCHA challenge.

We don't require you to click a link, complete a survey, or watch a video to verify your account so you can see the photos or videos you receive. If someone asks you to click something in order to see "protected content", it won't be an official Kik link and it's best not to click on it. If you see something like this, you should report the person as spam

If you're having trouble getting past the CAPTCHA challenge while registering for a new Kik account, logging into an existing account, or when you're already logged in, let us know here.



FunCaptcha is one of the tools we use to help us fight spam.

The trick to solving the FunCaptcha is to rotate the animal to a standing position or "right way up". If you see multiple animals within the circle, you have to find the animal located in front of the other animals and put it in the standing position. Check out the example below to see what we mean!

Note: If you're using an older version of Kik, you'll be asked to tap the animal that's already the right way up.


While chatting with your friends, this screen might have popped up for you:

The Verification Check may appear for people if they are behaving in a way that could be considered "spammy". 

Note: If you have Don't keep activities enabled in your Android Developer options settings, disable it to get past the CAPTCHA screen.


Still unable to get past CAPTCHA? Let us know here

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