What can I do if my teen is being impersonated?

Kik takes reports of impersonation very seriously. When our team is notified that an account is using another individual’s picture or personal information on the account profile, we’ll investigate further. Depending on the outcome of our investigation, we may remove the picture or permanently deactivate the account.

What you can do immediately:

Start by asking the person to remove your teen’s details from their account.

What you can do to help us address the situation:

You can report a case of impersonation by submitting a support ticket to our team here . It’s important to put “Impersonation Report” when you fill out the “Your Question” field to ensure quick processing of your report.

To help us investigate reports of impersonation on Kik, we’ll need the valid Kik usernames of the accounts involved. You can find the username on the account profile, right below the display name. Check out this FAQ for help finding a profile on Kik.

We’ll also need a picture of a piece of photo identification of the person that is being impersonated. This could be: a student ID, driver’s license, passport, bus pass, etc. We only need to see the picture and name on the ID to help confirm that the photo and name is similar enough to the photo and name on the account profile. Please make sure to cover all other personal details shown on the ID (such as an address, school name, etc.).

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