How old does my teen need to be to use Kik?

Your teen will be asked to enter their birthday when they create their account. If the birthday entered is for someone younger than 13, the account won’t be registered.

Children under the age of 13 are prohibited from having a Kik account, by the Kik Terms of Service. If your child is under 13 and has created a Kik account, please contact us.

If Kik obtains knowledge that a user is under the age of 13, it’s our policy to permanently deactivate their account and delete their personal information.

If you’re the parent or legal guardian of a teen that’s using Kik without your permission, and you want to have your teen’s account deactivated, please check out the "How can I deactivate my teen's account" FAQ.

For more details on eligibility and age, you can check out our Terms of Service and Kik Community Standards

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