What can I do if my teen has been sending inappropriate messages?

It’s the responsibility of parents and guardians to make sure their teens comply with our Acceptable Use Policy (which you can find in section 3.4. of our Terms of Service), as well as the applicable laws. Teens should be aware that sending or receiving sexually explicit images of a minor (even if they are self-portraits and even if they are sent to and/or from another minor) is illegal in Canada, the US, and many other countries. Ask them to delete any images they may have saved, and inform the others involved about the serious criminal consequences of possessing or distributing sexually explicit images of a minor.

If you feel it’s appropriate or necessary, you can refer to our How can I deactivate my teen's account? FAQ. You can also contact your local law enforcement. If they need to contact Kik, you can direct them to Kik’s Guide for Law Enforcement for information on how we can work with them to help address the situation.

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